Little architect series

Little architect series is inspired by art and architecture. The world is full of buildings that tell the story of our cultures and our histories. A building, an architect isn’t just a shelter, it embodies its surroundings, nature, culture, and people. It’s like a painting, a sculpture, it’s an art piece. “AVDAR Architecture Series” is for our little Architect friends that make the coolest pieces, to help nurture their imagination and creativity, and to help them learn and grow.

Let’s create and build a new world with all our individual unique creations.

Care Instructions: Gently wipe with a slightly damp cloth. After wiping please let them dry completely. Not recommended to use soap, soak in water, or put in a sterilizer. Keep away from humidifiers and heaters.

Please Note:

  • This toy is handcrafted and not mass-produced. Because of this, it is normal for there to be some variation in paint color, wood color, and small size variations. Additionally, it is normal for there to be some imperfections in the coating of the paint and/or for the paint to rub off between toys.
  • This toy is shown in some photos with other toys that are sold separately and not included with your purchase of this toy. This is to demonstrate how toys can be used in endless ways. Throughout the site, the items included in your purchase will be shown on the first photo for each product.