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Australia Rejoicetoy
Australia Good to Play
Canada Woodwoodtoys
Canada Parkette
Denmark Sanserigetshop
Hong Kong Fonda
Indonesia kulalatoys
Indonesia Audrey and Friends
Indonesia Looby Loo Toys
Japan Gerbera
South Korea lovechan0514
Malaysia Number Twelve
Malaysia Belles Wonderland
Malaysia Toocan Play
Malaysia  Mymisio
Malaysia The Little Je'El Co
Malaysia Little Kudos
Mongolia Greenstock
Mongolia Nar Sar Od
New Zealand Health and Beauty
New Zealand A&H New Baby
Philippines Thinker Tribe
Qatar Wood N Fun
Singapore  Of Forest and Waves
Taiwan Charlie Grace
Taiwan Laishai Studio
Taiwan Hekou Hekou
Taiwan Le Zu
Thailand Goyaland
USA Palomita
France Tipotam


Are AVDAR products safe for my baby?

Yes, all AVDAR products are designed with safety in mind and are made from non-toxic, baby-safe materials.

How do I clean my AVDAR products?

Most AVDAR products can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. Always refer to the specific cleaning instructions provided with the product.

Who are the experts who designed your products?

Our products are designed by a team of child development experts, including pediatricians and early childhood educators.

Where are AVDAR products made?

AVDAR products are manufactured in facilities that meet high standards for safety and quality. Specific manufacturing locations can be found on our product pages.

What ages are the Play Kits designed for?

The Play Kits are designed for children from birth to 36 months, with specific kits tailored to different developmental stages.

How do I check my order status?

You can check your order status by logging into your account on our website and navigating to the "Orders" section.

Where do I direct questions, comments, or issues?

You can contact our customer support team via email at or through the contact form on our website.