About Us

Our Story

AVDAR is a unique brand born from the dreams and aspirations of two parents, Evgeny from Russia and Lulu from Mongolia. Their journey began with a shared passion for woodworking and a vision of creating a small studio. This dream became a reality when they became parents in 2016. The birth of their son inspired them to craft their first wooden playset, marking the inception of AVDAR.

Open-Ended Play

We champion the importance of open-ended play, where children are free to explore and use their creativity without limitations. Our toys are designed to provide limitless possibilities, encouraging children to imagine, build, and create in their own unique ways. This type of play is not only fun but also crucial for cognitive and emotional development

Our Philosophy

At AVDAR, we believe in the power of minimalism and the beauty of nature. Our philosophy revolves around the concept that one simple toy can replace many, promoting a decluttered and conscious lifestyle for modern families. We are dedicated to creating safe, beautiful, and functional toys that encourage open-ended play. This means that each toy is designed to be used in multiple ways, driven entirely by a child's imagination and creativity

Our Values

Curiosity is Our Compass

We turn every day into a thrilling adventure of discovery!

Everyone’s Invited

We believe in the magic of inclusion. Every child is a superstar in our world, where diversity is celebrated.

Better Together

By partnering with families and communities, we create a supportive circle that helps kids thrive and grow stronger together.