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We are launching a gift packaging series this year called Wow Avdar.

As parents, we treasure the surprised expressions on our children's faces, the moments that will become precious memories for them. To make your Avdar gifts even more special, we have created two different sized gift bags and an exclusive paper packaging with cute illustrations for our climbing gyms.

Paper packaging:

Material:200g imported eco-friendly drawing paper

Packaging size:120*8cm

Installed Dimensions:120*110*110cm

Maintenance: Not for repeated use

  • The product is only compatible with AVDAR climbing frames.
  • It has no film covering and can be hand-drawn or written on.
  • Open up the joy of exploring with AVDAR; creatively designed packaging. A sense of mystery and ceremony; easy installation with adhesive tabs. Become the starting point for your baby's exploration and fun.

    Gift Bags:

    1. Large size:  63*19*35cm, 300g imported white cardboard

    2. Medium  size: 39*15*38cm

    *Large size, rectangular for use with Metropolis block set, Big Block Set, etc.;

    *Medium size, square for use with puzzle blocks, pyramid blocks, museum blocks, etc.

    Style: Paper Packaging
    Style: Paper Packaging